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The PvP World
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30th Mar 2013

Hello Guys and Welcome to the information section about The PvP World!

When you first go through this portal you will be Welcomed into the PvP World.

At this safe town you can purchase gear and weapons to defeat your enemies!
This world has a different Inventory then the other worlds. This means you need to kill to get money

At the Safe Town there are 3 shops, these are : Sword Shop, Cheap Armour Shop and the Expensive Armour Shop.

There is also a Portal back to The Hub World and also Three Warp points to send you to different locations around the Pvp World

These Warps are The Haunted Mill, The Drowned Lakeand Snow Valley

Each of these Warp locations are certain spots in the map that offer something more to your gear and items.

The Haunted Mill -

Somewhere around this location is an Anvil, and Food so you don't starve to death!!

The Drowned Lake -

Somewhere around this location is a Furnace, Food, Fishing Rod, and more importantly Experience that you can buy to gain levels for enchanting your gear!

Snow Valley -

Somewhere here around this location is an Enchant Table, you can also buy books from here!

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11th Apr 2013

Looking good
Forum » Information » World Information
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